Pool Renovations

High quality and affordable swimming pool repair in Sydney


Aroona Pools and Spas are specialists in swimming pool renovations for Sydney homes. We repair and renovate both concrete and fibreglass pools and give you the pool you have always wanted for your family.

We all know that swimming pool maintenance in Sydney is vital for your pool, regardless of whether it is fibreglass or concrete. There are however, some very common problems and restorations we see frequently at Aroona Pools and Spas.

Coping repairs: Over time, you may notice that your swimming pool coping has started to crack or break loose, needing the tiles to be replaced and reset. It is essential that you keep on top of these repairs for not only the aesthetics of your pool, but also for the safety of your family.

Adding water features: Adding or repairing water features in your pool will make a big difference to its aesthetics. We can repair, replace or install new water features, giving your pool a new lease on life very quickly.

Fibreglass pool renovation in Sydney

Shell repairs: Sometimes a fibreglass shell cracks, splits or bulges, often caused by high water pressure under the shell or poor drainage.

We will examine the entire shell of your pool, perform the appropriate repairs, and respray it with a new layer of gelcoat in any colour you choose.

Concrete pool repair in Sydney

Cracks and leaks: Even though concrete pools are very strong, they can still crack and leak over time. We can structurally repair these cracks and then renovate your pool as needed, to return it to its pristine aesthetics.IMG_1116

Rust removal: Even the best swimming pool service in Sydney cannot prevent rust stains occurring in concrete pools. These occur because the underlying steel is leaching through the concrete and the only real long term fix is to remove the offending steel and resurface the pool.

Adding extra features: Everyone’s tastes change and you might find that you really want some wide steps in your pool where people can sit and chat, a beach entry or even a spa added to your pool. At Aroona Pools and Spas we can renovate your swimming pool to give you exactly what you want for your family.

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For high quality and professional swimming pool renovations in Sydney, call Aroona Pools and Spas on 02-9460 0737, email us at info@aroonapools.com.au  or complete our online enquiry form