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Pool Maintenance Gladesville

Aroona Pools And Spas – Your Go-To for Pool Shop, Maintenance & More Services Near Gladesville!

Owning a pool in Gladesville is like having your personal oasis, a sanctuary of relaxation, joy, and countless memories. But let’s be honest, the path to maintaining that crystal-clear paradise can sometimes feel like navigating uncharted waters. That’s where Aroona Pools and Spas comes in, your trusted partner in all things pool-related in Gladesville. With over a decade of experience, we’re more than just a pool service; we’re your pool’s best friend and your one-stop pool shop. That’s why our pool shop is rated as one of the best in Gladesville!

Two pictures of a swimming pool in a house built by pool builders in Ryde.

Why Choose Us? Trust, Reliability, and Convenience – The Aroona Way

  • Top-Notch Pool Maintenance and Beyond: Enjoy stress-free pool ownership with our comprehensive pool maintenance services. From balancing chemicals to scrubbing tiles, we handle it all. Our experts understand pools like the back of their hands, ensuring your oasis remains pristine.
  • Passionate Pool Professionals: We’re passionate pool professionals who eat, sleep, and dream about clean, inviting waters. With us, your pool is in caring, capable hands.
  • Responsive Services: You’re planning a spontaneous poolside get-together, and your pool decides to act up. Don’t fret! With Aroona Pools and Spas, you’re just a call away from swift, responsive assistance. We’re the lifeguard your pool deserves.
  • Tailored to You: Every pool is unique, and so are its needs. We craft customised maintenance plans that align with your pool’s requirements, ensuring it gets the specific care it deserves. One size fits all? Not in our dictionary!

Our Pool Shop and Maintenance Services - More Than Just a Dip:

  1. Chemical Balancing and Water Magic: Say goodbye to murky waters and skin irritations. Our experts work their chemical wizardry, striking the perfect balance in your pool’s water composition. Dive in without worries!
  2. Tile Cleaning Extravaganza: Those pesky waterline stains don’t stand a chance against our tile-cleaning prowess. We’ll have your tiles gleaming, reflecting the smiles of everyone who takes a dip.
  3. Equipment Check-up: Pool equipment deserves love, too! We’ll inspect and maintain your pool’s equipment to ensure it’s operating smoothly, from pumps emitting a content hum to filters working their magic.
  4. Skim, Scoop, Repeat: Leaves, bugs, and debris – they won’t get the best of your pool on our watch. Our meticulous skimming and scooping keep your pool inviting and ready for a splash at any moment.
  5. Regular Pool Workouts (Cleaning): Our cleaning sessions make sure your pool stays in top shape.
  6. Opening and Closing Services: Ah, the changing seasons! We ensure a smooth transition from pool season to off-season and vice versa. No fuss, no hassle – just relaxation on your terms.
  7. Pool Care Tips and Tricks: We believe in empowering pool owners. Our blog is a treasure trove of pool service  tips, providing you with the knowledge to maintain your pool’s sparkle between our visits.
  8. Your Local Pool Shop: Looking for pool supplies? Look no further! Our pool shop near you offers quality products, from chemicals to equipment, making your pool care journey even more convenient.
A backyard swimming pool built by professional pool builders in Ryde

Get in Touch Today

Ready to take the plunge into stress-free pool ownership? Contact us at (02) 9460 0737 or shoot us an email at Let’s chat about how Aroona Pools and Spas can transform your pool maintenance woes into waves of relaxation, enjoyment, and shopping satisfaction.

Your pool deserves nothing but the best, and that’s exactly what we offer at our pool shop near Gladesville, Ryde and close by suburbs. Contact our pool shop near you for the best pool service and maintenance.