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Pool Maintenance Services

In the past a good pool owner should check water levels, test chemicals, skim debris, and clean out their skimmer basket every 2-3 days, the pool walls would need to be brushed every now and then to minimise algae and chemical buildup.

At Aroona Pools and Spas we build pools for enjoyment, not for extra effort. Thanks to our Aroona Pools technicians now you can lay back, relax, and leave the hard work to us.

For our customers, we offer fortnightly visit at $100/ visit includes:

  • Scooping & brushing the pool where needed
  • Emptying skimmer baskets
  • Checking, cleaning & servicing the pool cleaning system
  • Cleaning the filters
  • Emptying the pump baskets
  • Cleaning & servicing the chlorination/sanitation system
  • Testing the water chemistry
  • Maintain and grease o rings
  • Cleaning feature walls and water features
  • Checking lighting systems
  • Testing, monitoring and adjusting automation systems
  • General maintenance duties eg, cleaning tiles, monitoring water refill systems, etc.

Regular Servicing Pricing Starts from – $77.00 + chemicals and vacuuming

Pool Cleaning

If you haven’t seen the bottom or your pool in months or are just having a party and want those last few leaves out so your pool looks immaculate. We can provide a reliable and first-class pool cleaning service either as a once-off or regular service.

Water testing and Chemical Needs

We have every chemical your pool will ever need to keep it looking sparkling and inviting all year round.

One-Off Service call – $110 includes half an hour labor

Holiday Servicing

We provide regular servicing whilst you are away to ensure your pool is still looking clear, chemically balanced, and ready for your return.

Pricing starts from – $33.00 + chemicals and vacuuming

Emergency Callout Fees –

Same-day Emergency call out – Weekday – $220.00

Saturday Emergency call out – $330.00

Sunday/Public holiday call out fee – $440.00


Are you a lucky owner of a swimming pool? Make your life even more relaxing by handing all of the pool maintenance duties to the hands of our experienced crew members!