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Concrete Pools or Fibreglass Pools? Which Type of In-Ground Swimming Pool is Right for Your ACT Home

Are you thinking about adding an in-ground pool to your property in the ACT? If so, Aroona Pools can help! Though we are a relatively new business in the Australia Capital Territory, we can still bring a wealth of experience to your pool project. Our pool builder has been working in the industry since 1974, and our business manager has more than 20 years of experience working with swimming pools as well.

Concrete Pools versus Fibreglass Pools: Choosing the Right Pool for You

If you decide to work with Aroona Pools for your in-ground pools in ACT, you should note that we typically take on projects in two primary categories: concrete pools and fibreglass pools. If you already have an idea of which type of pool you would prefer, just give us a call. We will get the ball rolling on your project immediately. If you aren’t certain which type of pool is right for you, read on to learn a bit more about the advantages of each variety.

If you are most concerned about the design, aesthetics, and overall style of your pool, then you will likely opt for concrete pools. At Aroona, when we build concrete pools in ACT, we can adapt our designs to suit your needs. We can also create concrete pools in virtually any shape, from a traditional rectangular design to an L-shape that bends around the side of your home. If you have limited yard space, innovative pool shapes are your best bet for maximising pool space. A concrete pool is the best choice to achieve these kinds of innovative shapes.

Flexibility in shape and size aren’t the only perks you’ll get from choosing concrete pools in ACT. On the contrary, concrete pools also provide a very natural, aesthetically appealing look. If you are trying to achieve an artful design with your patio space, concrete is the way to go. Typically, concrete pools are also preferable for deeper water depths. If you want to use your pool for diving, therefore, you will want to choose concrete.

What about Fibreglass Pools in ACT?

Of course, fibreglass pools also bring their fair share of advantages to the table. If you’ve been in concrete pools before and don’t like the rough feel of the concrete surface on your feet, you will be pleasantly surprised with the smooth feel of fibreglass. Fibreglass swimming pools in ACT might also be worth considering if you want to avoid doing too much pool maintenance. All swimming pools demand a certain level of care and maintenance. However, since fibreglass is not a porous material, it is less susceptible to staining or mould and algae growth than concrete is. Fibreglass pools, therefore, are easier to keep clean.

If you still aren’t sure whether you’d prefer a concrete pool or a fibreglass pool for your ACT home, give us a call at Aroona Pools. We are happy to have further discussions with you about the pros and cons of each pool type. You can reach us on (02) 9460 0737.